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You know, I was 13 when I started on PHIL OF THE FUTURE; so I learned a lot about set etiquette, showing up on time, knowing your lines and being able to promote a show, so it was definitely a great thing for me. They cast us so perfect together, it’s pretty cool.

Aly Michalka: I see Raviv (Ricky Ullman) a little bit. When we were on the show, it was a big age gap difference – I was 13 and he was 16, which when you're that young, it’s huge. Aly Michalka: She’s my favorite person to work with on camera just because she has so much knowledge and experience. I think Gail is going to get a lot of recognition for this role because it’s quirky, wacky, loveable and there is a kind of a toxic relationship between Marti and Wanda. Maybe if we were doing a show about glee clubs, but our show is not based on GLEE.

When it comes to Disney Channel couples, you thought you knew them all.

Except one, it turns out: AJ Michalka and Joe Jonas!

And we have high energy and are charismatic as GLEE is, but when it come to the world that we are set in, it is very different.

We are based in college and GLEE is high school -- this opens up more mature storylines, which will appeal to a wider demographic.

Finally, Aly and Robbie were kind enough to sign two mini footballs for us to giveaway. Scroll past the pictures and take our simple one-question quiz for your chance to score both signed mini footballs. Aly Michalka: I definitely had a big dance background, hip-hop and free styling.

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We're still missing two/fourths of the Diffy family — but I'm sure Lloyd and Barbara Diffy could be added to the photo, using the 22nd century invention the Replicator.We all keep in contact, but Raviv is the only one I see on a monthly basis. Question: There have been comments from the press that HELLCATS is the CW’s answer to GLEE… If you’re doing a show about any sport or competition there are going to be similarities in that.