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09-May-2017 17:38

Brokers are not allowed to post on the list, and it costs to publish a listing, so the odds that what you read is what you get are vastly higher than, say, on Craigslist.Listings tend to come from the "creative community," so expect a lot of Brooklyn roommates. Pad Mapper ​ Created after a bad NYC apartment search experience (scams included), Padmapper collects apartment listing search results from a slew of sources (For Rent, Airbnb, Apartment Search, and more than 100 others, including brokerages), and plots the locations of available listings on an interactive map.Around 1,000 New York-area rooms are listed at any given time (as well as 1,600-plus ads from roommates looking for rooms)—and all ads are individually vetted by staff for scams.

Search by "rooms" to find a share; you can also type in keywords such as “vegetarian” to find like-minded roommates.You fill out a questionnaire with information on your sleep schedules, your cleanliness preferences and more, and the site finds you a match.Users are verified, which is good news in the sketch-department. Diggz ​ Founded in 2014, Diggz is another roommate-matching site for the five boroughs, Jersey City, and Hoboken.It rarely will take a year to find a roommate, but that year-long membership is helpful if your first place doesn't work out or is a short-term sublet.

The brains behind Roomi believe that a lot of roommate-related headaches (and heartaches) could be avoided if only would-be roomies bothered to truly learn about each other before renting that U-Haul.

Under New York Apartments, you'll find discussion forums (on topics like: "Apartment hunting advice for first-time New Yorkers?