Carbon 14 dating video

10-Jul-2017 06:34

When food is burned in a pot, the hard, black material remaining is primarily the carbon which the food contained.There are three isotopes or forms of carbon which occur naturally on earth. Carbon-12 and carbon-13 are stable, non-radioactive isotopes, and they do not decay.But soon these discarded discs could take on a different role: ...Scientists gain an insight into the fascinating world of atoms and molecules using x-ray microscopes.The technique of using carbon-14 for dating is sound only if the original amount of carbon-14 is known.Thus, in using carbon-14 to date ancient life, scientists assume that the amount of carbon-14 on earth has always been what it is today.What water is in the firmament is really particles of water from the earth, from under the firmament, temporarily suspended during the water cycle of evaporation and rain.

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