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We have a mutual friend so I will bump into him at some point. he did seem into it but then nothing Im just hoping he is Grottoes great basin house ultrabusy??? i used to take these things personally, until i went on the other side of the fence. women who can give a guy the right amount of space are so hot! cant you just assume that they are busy rather than the insecure assumption that they dont like you? if you can sustain your inter and he has one too, something may really develop. I had a female coworker I used to go out for lunch with on a regular basis, I would always say lets go for lunch but it was normally a month before we got together. Otherwise (if it is really that casual) then you can contact him in a couple of months and see if hes busy. when he called, he finally just asked did I mean a date? I couldnt be a cool chick about these things if they paid me. If you made it real casual then it could not be rejection. You could add him to Pemberton an e-mail list about drinks after work or to your joke list, that is cool and reminds him you still exist, or maybe get together not for lunch since that is part of the workday (and I not the b at keeping track of my workday schedule at all, personally). If you run into him later dont pensacola beach jellyfish report altria upcoming events be shy, just say that you were looking forward to it and is he still intered? we should get together and go outhe wasnt sure what I meant.

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3 months, on someone you just met yeah chances are you are forgotten but we are talking a week AND she is friends with this guy. they usually remember me, set up a date, then stand me up. Maybe I should start calling them when I get home after meeting them. If he calls more than 4 days after that, dont even bother. oh so generally give him a week but if he calls after that be understanding? If a guy waits a week and a half, chances are hes just lazy or lame ie not deserving of you. I just wish he was AS intered in getting to know me (sniff). could be he has a very full life right now, which is a *good* thing, part of what him confident and sexy, what atttracted you to him.

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in fact, i often have conversations that go we should hang out. in s case, id wait a few more weeks, when she sees him again, bumps into him, mention it casually. If something more happens, im open to it definately but life IS life. I have a friend like you, ultra cool when it comes to matters like this. ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 AM): Do you think I am really a sick creepricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 AM): I hope i got your hopes up and that you learned a lessonricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 AM): I would NEVER meet a female under 18 to do anything sexualricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 AM): I am reporting you to yahooricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 AM): PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONEthisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 AM): ur such a fake liar I KNEW U WERE LYING THE WHOLE TIMEthisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 AM): ur prof says other ppl r liars but ur a liar ur a bad person playin games with ppl online ur disgusting and horriblericks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 PM): You are trying to set older guys up to get them busted and I dont appreciate that(I bet you don't. Corey Edgar was paranoid, but he was also obsessed. However, his obsession was with getting a young girl to use his "talented tongue" on.

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