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When researching loan consolidation options, you may come across what’s known as debt consolidation companies.

Some of these are legitimate, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, however, others are incredibly risky.

For example, you can use money from your IRA interest-free for 60 days.

However, you must roll it over to another IRA account within 60 days.

Lenders know the competition is tough, and it’s cheaper for them to keep you than it is to get a new customer to replace you — especially if you’re a low-maintenance borrower who pays her bills on time.

While you have them on the phone, ask about these three options: The interest rates on these loans tend to be low — or even interest free.

(You can learn more about , which could lead to a lawsuit, the CFPB says.

Not paying creditors will also show up as a negative transaction on your credit report that makes it harder to borrow more money.

Requests are processed one day a week and will be mailed to the individual unless otherwise specified. You may not be able to open your W-2 tax form PDF in Employee Self-Service if your Internet browser's pop-up blocker is turned on.You consolidate loans by rolling all your little loans into one bigger one.To come out ahead, you need to find a consolidation loan with a low interest rate and a reasonable term.Visit with your accountant or tax adviser if you have more questions about your W-2.

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Duplicates: Duplicate W-2 tax forms are available through Employee Self-Service starting February 15.

You can consolidate using a personal loan or a balance transfer credit card.

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