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"It's great for the family sitting around, having dinner, whatever.You don't really have to think too hard about it, but it is an educational show."Burlesque originally was variety acts, and in the '70s it kind of turned to just straightforward strippers," she said."It ushered in a dark era of burlesque, but that's what we're reclaiming right now, reclaiming that vintage, times-gone-by era of burlesque by inviting all of the varieties into it."We want to run the gamut and bring it back to what it originally was," she said, by inviting such names as Ginger Valentine, Iva Handfull, Poppy Daze, Elle Dorado and Minnie Tonka to both perform and give workshops.

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"She tells me when I'm pushing a boundary she's not comfortable with."If something happens they're not comfortable with, they're the first ones to tell me."Colby said she's having "an insane amount of fun" with burlesque."Every single time I perform now, it's more and more fun, and that tells me I'm headed in the right direction," she said."The reason I do what I do is because I love my audience so much.Colby brings the second Iowa Burlesque Festival to the Adler Theatre next weekend, as well as the debut of the American Vintage Market in the neighboring River Center.