Dating dominant men

19-Mar-2017 08:00

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And with all due respect to real mommies, no one feels sexy in a relationship as “mommy.” And it does all come down to sex, doesn’t it?

How we feel outside the bedroom directly impacts how we feel inside the bedroom.

If I am going to give as much of myself as I always do, then I want someone who is not going to just take, take, take.

You could probably call this kind of relationship between men and women “traditional,” although that word is loaded.

Sometimes a man has the more “dominant” or “masculine” energy; sometimes the women does. For me, personally, I prefer to have “masculine” energy in my career, among my friends, and with my extracurricular interests and a “feminine” energy in my relationship.

I feel most secure, and turned on, by alpha males: someone who is confident, assertive, in possession of a backbone, and protective.

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When I yell at the TV screen when Patti Stanger is berating women on “Millionaire Matchmaker” for having too much “masculine energy,” it’s because I don’t think one person should be telling another person how to behave, not because I deny those energies exist.One of the defining tensions in my life has always been reconciling my feminist political beliefs, my desire for a respectful and egalitarian relationship, and my attraction to more traditional alpha males.

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