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And even if he is not that serious now, he could become so later on. See the following section of my site for articles on JWs: Jehovah's Witnesses.There is also information relevant to JWs in my Scripture Workbook, including a chapter detailing some of their unique beliefs. and I personally didn't see it as something I needed to concern myself with. Thank you, Christina You don't mention if you are a Christian or not.If it is really important to him and he ascribes to the various JW beliefs and practices, it will affect your relationship.Salvation only for Jehovah's Witnesses Scandal Bulgaria & Blood Tranfusions Child Abuse - Paedophilia Policy Child Abuse - Court Settlements Child Discipline - Corporal Punishment Higher Education - University deception Letter to Hitler Malawi vs Mexico Misquotes, Deception, Lies Political Involvement United Nations NGO Questionable Doctrine 607 / 1914 / Seven Times Birthday Celebrations Blood Transfusions Cross or Stake Disfellowshipping Earthquakes Global Flood of Noah Great Crowd and Other Sheep Jehovah - God's Name? Trinity Changed Teachings 1800s - Changed Date Doctrine 1914 - Failed Doctrine 1925 - "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!

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She did not want to abandon him, yet began to see the reality of the situation.

Also, JWs are expected to spend time knocking on doors in "evangelism." So he might be required to do this when you want to spend a Saturday afternoon doing something else.