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Important sites include regions around Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria, Koobi Fora, Nariokotome, Olorgesailie, Swartkrans and Dmanisi, Georgia. This mix of traits caused some experts to rethink the whether these should be separate species.

This species’ tall, long-legged body, with a flatter face, a projecting nose and a somewhat expanded brain was well along the evolutionary path leading to modern humans but it still possessed a number of intermediate features.

Mode 2 technology includes straight-edged cleavers, pointed picks and hand axes.

These tools are often called Acheulean stone tools after St Acheul in France where similar tools were first discovered during the 1800s.

The development of a smaller gut and a bigger brain required more nourishing food and this suggests that they may have included more meat in their diets.

In the dry savannah environment, plant tubers would probably have been an important part of the diet.

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A few meters below the sediments that contained the tools lies a feature that has been dated to 1.9 million years ago; above them, a different feature sets a younger limit at 1.5 million years.

This improved technology created more durable tools that maintained their sharpness longer than earlier types of tools.

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