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Heading into our third date now and had to pop u an email n say thanks.It's looking like tonight is gonna be the night, bro!There's simply no one who knows this stuff better, and can teach it better than I do. They come to me when there's a girl whose number they worked hard for, and they need to get the texts right. I would send messages that were way too challenging - and when I wouldn't hear back from the girls, I told myself that it was because they were "just being bitchy hot girls" who liked shooting down guys like me.I've won numerous Awards for my programs (more on that in a bit) Maybe you've even heard me on Sirius Radio and in other major media... If she gave you her number, then she's giving it out to other guys too. She can wait for the texts and calls to roll in, consider them all, and take as much time as she wants to respond. The hotter the girl is, the more exponentially difficult it's gonna be to compete. A girl who is so-so might give her number out to 3 or 4 guys. A girl who is solidly above average might give her number out to 8 to 10 guys. There are about 17 to 24 guys who are actively texting her today - or on any given day, for that matter. But before you share in my anger, ask yourself - wouldn't you do the same if you were a girl?

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And I've got to be honest with you - I didn't just pop out of my mother's womb as a text messaging samurai. For the last five years, Las Vegas has been my home base, and I've traveled around the world, living everywhere from New York to New Zealand. I've spent my time as a bartender, as a personal trainer, as a writer...

I notice too that I am now a lot wittier after having practice txting some girls so I have to say that you probably helped my life more than most of my teachers and I wanted you to know that.. Regarding his basketball career, Michael Jordan wrote that "I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat." And I know for damn sure that you didn't get her number just because you wanted another number in your phone book.

No - you got it because you were into her and you want to see her again.

And no matter what you're struggling with right now, I've got the answer to it!

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Seriously - there's not a single, solitary situation that I haven't encountered at least ten to fifteen times.Shot out one of your re-engaging texts to five of 'em, and got back four responses, most of em saying "who is this".

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