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19-Aug-2017 21:46

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But a second common comment I hear about is the one suggesting that bisexual women can’t be monogamous, are highly promiscuous, will deceive and trick their partners as though emotion and sexuality are a big game for them.

It positions them almost as sexual predators, in a strange sense attributing stereotypically masculine traits to bisexual women.

Women in this society are expected to be meek, complacent, not sexual, and if they are, only within the carefully described boundaries of ‘legitimate’ relationships as defined by society.

These relationships are, naturally, heterosexual in nature, with the man taking the dominant role and the woman taking the submissive one.

com Score recently released a report that provides a comprehensive summary of where we are with the social web and its implications. According to com Score social networking sites reach 82% of the world’s online user population. It is now an integral part of the global online experience and has taken market share from email and instant messaging .

Social networking has grown in every single country transcending cultural and religious differences.

There’s something people seem to find almost offensive about the idea that bisexual women actually exist, that they have relationships with both men and women, that those relationships may be long-term, committed, and monogamous—or that bisexual women may be interested in a variety of partners, may enjoy dating and flirting with lots of people at the same time.

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Bisexual men are assumed to be ‘secretly gay,’ while bisexual women are erased depending on the gender of their partners; a bi woman married to a man is straight, suddenly, for example.Some heterosexual women are promiscuous because they enjoy it.And there’s nothing wrong with promiscuity, much though society seems to want to think so.In a society that hates women, and hates female sexuality, it would make sense for sexually active and comfortable women to be, naturally, condemned.

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And that goes double for bisexual women, who can’t just be happy with men like nice young ladies; they have to go around chasing women, too, and sometimes not even for the titillation of straight men who like to see girl-on-girl action.

The nature of her sexual attraction hasn’t changed; she still finds women attractive even if she doesn’t pursue relationships with them because she’s in a monogamous partnership.

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