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She looked radiant and ethereally beautiful, as always.Her body was athletically slim -- 85 lbs of lithe muscle -- and her skin flawless burnished bronze. In her new role as "hostess" and Mardi Gras book-keeper she was strictly business.Then, a crazed fan found out her address and committed a home invasion.At this point she shut down the site and decided she didn't want to be Leanni Lei any more.Through mutual friends she had even discouraged my visit.She was pleasant enough to me while I was in Springfield, but she was distant, and I was never able to get to the bottom of her story.If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it was the home invasion that made her decide to back out of the public eye more than the "outing"."[/I][/B] wow that guy couldn't get it through his head that she moved on.

Her appearance was identical to -- or better than --the way she looked on video during her final year in Porn (2001). She blew her hair off her face as she scurried around the room attending to her numerous duties, making it all seem like a horrendous chore.

sounds not only desperate but strange that he wanted her to whore after knowing she is in a marriage and doing other things with her life.