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Were you surprised at by this, given the book prominently features Tiananmen and the June 4th protests, and dissidents like Chen Guangcheng, Liu Xiaobo, and Shi Tao?EO: After I had written the book in English, the question I’d been thinking about for a long time is how to get this to a Chinese audience.Now, of course, 40 percent of the skyscrapers under construction worldwide are in China.It’s rare, if you look back through history, there are these moments—we had one in the United States, there was one in the UK—where countries just physically transform themselves. MJ: In your book, you also talk about China’s intangible transformations.There was a woman named Gong Haiyan who I wrote about when she was just out of graduate school, and all of a sudden she was taking her company public on the stock exchange, and got very wealthy.That seemed like in its own way a symbol of this moment in China.Through these stories Osnos traces the cadence of everyday life that often gets lost amid modern China’s played-out superlatives.

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Despite nearly 20 years of economic reforms and opening up to the West, Chinese people still rejected imports like Hollywood and Mc Donald’s.Traditionally you saw yourself as a member of a group: the family, then the village, then the factory, and then of course the country at large.

It also shows that this is a collective phenomenon in which cars bunch up into traffic jams.… continue reading »

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but although we're no longer members (i'll explain further down why), its not all bad news...… continue reading »

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