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The Pinneal Gland in the Brain might be the most important piece of our body. Yet we have been taking in Flouride and damaging it for a long time. We are acknowledging what is, but co-creating in that moment a conscious response to that ENERGY. This act re-instates us as the powerful forces of Creation that WE ARE.It is a very subtle thing to be fully aware of something, anything, and be fully conscious that you give it none of your energy. and also as simple as saying to the waiter - "those are lovely deserts but I will pass, thank you..The New World Order: Conversation Taken From The Ringing Cedars r Evolution Website See: Lots of reference material to Anastasia, Vladimir Megre and The Ringing Cedars books occur in this discussion. I'm not just someone that's got carried away with silly internet conspiracies, millions all over the world are now awake to this and its growing everyday.To learn more about these fantastic, brilliant books please go here: The Ringing Cedars By Vladimir Megre: Last Updated 19th May 2009 12.27am The New World Order Posted by Kev Carsick on at am Have you lot heard of this term? Its basically a plan by those in power to depopulate the earth by at least 80% and gain complete control over the future. A lot of you reading this MUST all ready know of this, its hard to miss among our side of society, so many are crying out to get the people to listen.This is what this Revolution is about - taking back our divine ALIVENESS and giving nothing to nothing that would have us be less ALIVE than we were born to be.We do this for our children and future generations so that they may be BORN FREE.I'd say "Put me back in - I'm out of here..." I understand the hairs on your neck - I want to vomit and cry all at once when I see footage of surgical births in hospitals.You see - By our feelings we know we are ALIVE, and because we are conscious of being A-LIVE we know we are loved by all of Creation for then we are conscious of being LIFE itself.

As we realise what a powerful force upon the world we are and that we each have the decision and responsibility to do good or ill by that which we share with all else on the planet, it will once again become inconceivable to destroy, even in the slightest, the very thing that granted us life in the first place.

I don't even know whether i want to post about it on these forums because its so negative and such clash with the Anastasia frame of mind but i see the Anastasia movement as a cure to this, an inevitable reaction and for me they are two complete opposites that perfectly tie together.