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06-Jul-2016 07:27

Myself for example, I brought 3 lumia 800 phones (the price of 800 is almost the same as i Phone back then) at the beginning, when lumia 930 launch, I hesitated and eventually I went with lumia 720 and half year ago I switched to i Phone.

I wouldn't call myself a loyal user of MSFT but I start using MSFT's phone since Windows Mobile 5.

But on the other hand, as usual, every upgrade is painful, especially true for WP developers.

I would rather not going too much details here, you may have a taste by reading this post: short, it's not that bad by comparing transitions in the past, because most codes and XAML should be still useful while for 3rd part controls just give it some time, they will be supporting win10 sooner or later.

However, using these camera type requires the user (i.e.

you) has some basic IT knowledge, or at the very least, you know your camera very well.

I wouldn't say I'm proud but by looking back the past few years, I started the app with Windows Phone 7, for a series of very simple but interesting reasons - my first son born; I brought my first IP camera; I was using a pocket PC runs Windows Mobile 6/6.5 with an app that support "click to center" (I think the name should be View Commander); then I switched to WP7 and there is no app at the time that support tap-to-center, I decided to make my own. ) started to ask for new features, support new cameras and even new platforms.

After breaking through milestones like audio, android, H.264, i OS, look at what we are now: I'm working on the new version of IP CAM Controller for win10 and windows 10 mobile (aka p10). There are a lot of things changing in the new platforms, and so I need a few volunteers help me to translate the app into the languages that already supported in my WP8 version.

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Maybe that's the reason WP's market didn't go any further in the past few years - At first, MSFT pissed off customers (WP users) by announcing WP7 cannot upgrade to WP8, and then MSFT pissed off developers by keep introducing new stuff without backward compatibility.At the very least, the underlaying frameworks are not being changed; they are not turning the framework up side down this time like what they did in Silverlight to Win RT.

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