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29-Aug-2016 00:55

There are also some never-marrieds who are confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes who actually revel in the superficially fun lifestyle of dating someone new all the time.These people will also tell you they’re still looking for “the one,” because it’s just socially unacceptable in the Orthodox world to say you don’t want to get married, but they really don’t.Also in the never-marrieds are those who are phobic to a point of paralysis – be it fear of commitment, emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, “settling,” or any combination of the above.There are some who did manage to get engaged once or twice but pre-marital jitters or last-minute revelations scotched the wedding, sometimes at the eleventh hour and they’re scarred or damaged from this in some fashion.Often, their former husbands did unpleasant things either during the marriage or the divorce (or both) and so a lot of these ladies really don’t want another man padding around the house scratching himself, watching sports on TV and making all the male bodily noises that they now find repugnant after a decade or two of living with their often now-hated ex.They would make an exception for a hedge fund guy bringing in seven figures a year and who looks like Brad Pitt, but these fellows are few and far between.

In shul, a barrage of aufrufs hog the bima and bring elaborate hot kiddushim to the masses.Lastly, some never-marrieds are just a little bit odd or off – a condition that is often exacerbated over many years residing in microscopic Manhattan studio apartments talking to the walls and their cats.A lot of the over-40’s have given-up on internet dating and going to singles events out of a sense of futility and ennui.For women over 35 it is trickier especially as the more children a divorced woman has goes right to the heart of her eligibility and chances for remarriage but you still see a bunch of second marriages in one’s 30s.

When the big four-oh hits, everything changes and marriages practically stop cold.These women are not interested in or able to have any more children so they don’t see the need to be married, especially to balding, aging guys evincing various degrees of emerging corpulence and lacking wads of flash cash with which to enable Prada shopping sprees or fancy vacations.

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