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Our hearts and focus are primed to strengthen the sense of community and to protect our young people.This past summer, our first public performance began with a rousing rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water, which speaks of a dependable community of support.Eventually, we plan to create the Bridge of Harmony Scholarship to reward area students who demonstrate a passion for equality and diversity, both in their lives, and in their schools.The Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus wishes to be recognized as a quality group of voices not only in the GLBTQI community, but also the community at large.

The KGMC promotes its mission by focusing on the following: At a time when it is crucial for our communities to join together in harmony, the formation of the Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus (KGMC) seems a well-tuned endeavor.

I especially remember the feeling of belonging and togetherness when I sang with a choir after 9/11-many voices as one, banded together.