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dell latitude d6oo Intel Centring 1-4GH2 QUV 4ogb Hard Drive, 51 2 MB Vlndowa XP Pro Pre-i^sta LIed SO to 2 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE | FEBRUARY 9, 2007 | WATERLOO RECOMMENDS FUJIYA & MIYAGI Transparent Things (Deaf, Dumb , & Blind) "They're doing for 70s krautrock and motorik what the DFA did for early 80s electro.

Indeed, without even being asked, they've gone and done the unthinkable: They've actually made krautrock fun." - Pitchfork .99 CD various artists 71 DATE WITH JOHN WATERS (New Line) "Come on over, let's listen to some tunes. Think I invited you over here to discuss the future of independent film?

Whatever you do, don't sign up for the military yourself! Let them know you really care by covering your massive SUV in ribbon magnets!

Plus, be sure to buy the ones that come from Communist China.

Top-of-the-line acoustic country/folk with well-crafted lyrics, strong memorable melodies, and overall excellent musicianship.A triumphant journey through brooding loner-rock ballads and righteous acid guitar breakdowns..99 CD GIPSY KINGS Pasajero (Nonesuch) With the same weathered charm and deep history as their Buena Vista bretheren, the Gipsy Kings use the simplest tools to make music that can move your feet, your heart and your soul..99 CD ELENI MANDELL Miracle of Five (Zedtone) On her sixth album, Eleni Mandell delivers a magnificent, late night, lights-low set - her sexiest recording yet.

Her captivating songwriting has taken an optimistic turn, concentrating on love found instead of love lost..99 CD THE BROKEN WEST I Can't Go On, I'll Go On (Merge) A power pop gem, shimmering and cool, with sharp edges and soaring melodies.

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