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22-Aug-2016 12:34

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Many people choose to cover medical expenses or pay extra--at minimum, apologize and get the dog into behavior classes.

It is a given that you should sedate or muzzle the animal for all future grooming sessions.

I did get a refill on my pain meds for those days when I wake up feeling great and over do it. So I am celebrating by having a small slice of brownie and milk like Deb suggested to me in an email because I have made it through the worst part. Please share your ways with me, I think it would really inspire us all and remind us we all need to take time to celebrate the little things we do each day that get us through life.

Can't wait to read all your comments.*********************************************************************************Speaking of celebrating....

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I have a couple more weeks to take it easy and slow and go like the turtle.

Cleaning house is an ordinary thing, but getting the job done can still be celebrated.