I will keep updating

03-Nov-2017 15:05

We are trying to be realistic and find the balance between giving ourselves time to really live here and jumping ahead with our vision.And to top it all off, every square inch of this house has me so inspired to make changes that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.I have this sense of urgency to make updates when really, there is no rush.I keep reminding myself to take it slow, keep it fun, share the process.If your details are not up to date, you may not receive our letter or email.You can provide us with three different addresses, including an email address and an address abroad.As we are beginning to meet people in our new town, we’re finding that when they drop by, we end up chatting in the entry.

Overall, these simple fixes do a lot to freshen up the space and make it feel more like us.I would say that has been an interesting challenge so far in this house.

Not only because it’s a topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, but because the feedback I got from some of my favorite bloggers (who you’ll read more about below) was so fantastic.… continue reading »

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