Input mask validating type

22-Sep-2016 10:16

This also means that you can write aliases which "inherit" from another alias.

Some examples can be found in jquery.use: Callback to implement autocomplete on certain keys for example Function arguments: event, buffer, caret Pos, opts Function return: Executes before masking the initial value to allow preprocessing of the initial value.

The prevalidator option is used to validate the characters before the definition cardinality is reached.

(see 'j' example) When you insert or delete characters, they are only shifted when the definition type is the same.

This can be useful for dates, numerics, phone numbers, ...

Default: false Value can be true or a threshold number or false. The validator can be a regular expression or a function.

Set an option With the non-greedy option set to false, you can specify * as repeat. So this is mainly to simplify the use of your masks.

Some aliases found in the extensions are: email, currency, decimal, integer, date, datetime, dd/mm/yyyy, etc. The alias definition can contain options for the mask, custom definitions, the mask to use etc.

You can find info within the js-files or by further exploring the options. The mask is defined and will not change during the input.

You can define the mask as a function which can allow to preprocess the resulting mask.

Unlike the URL and E-mail types, the Telephone type does not enforce a particular syntax.