Internet explorer tools for validating xml and viewing xslt output

16-Oct-2017 20:56

Schema files typically use the file name extension, while XML data files use the extension. They provide the framework for structuring data and ensuring that it makes sense to the creator and any other users.

For example, if a user enters invalid data, such as text in a date field, the program can prompt the user to enter the correct data.

The HTML code for this article is a good example of computer markup at work.

For example, as shown in the following illustration, Excel can validate the data against the CAT schema.

They tell students to move paragraphs, clarify sentences, correct misspellings, and so on.

Marking up a document is how we define the structure, meaning, and visual appearance of the information in the document.

The ability to create tags that define almost any data structure is what makes XML "extensible." But don't confuse the tags in that code sample with tags in an HTML file.

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For instance, if you paste that XML structure into an HTML file and view the file in your browser, the results will look something like this: You may hear someone from your IT department mention "well-formed" XML.

When you describe the structure and meaning of your data, you make it possible to reuse that data in any number of ways.

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