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31-Oct-2017 18:36

Other visitors to Bynum's Facebook page were calling for the inexplicable text to be translated, and for the Pentecostal minister to address the speculation that she was typing in tongues."God did not tell her to type in tongues... If the spirit fell so hard that you lost control of your typing, just say so.

OUR STRENGTH FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS IS IN YOU FATHER...... Since the prayer posts have appeared, visitors have been debating whether it was possible for a Christian to write or type in tongues, since the Bible only depicts those inspired by the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues."I'm not sure about typing in tongues, guys..praying though, but let's not type in tongues...that's not even biblical," wrote Jeremiah Givens, adding the hashtag "#all In Love" at the end of his comment.

Pentecostal televangelist and self-professed prophetess Juanita Bynum has sparked curiosity among some Internet users and the Christian community for several comments on the minister's Facebook page where she appears to type "in tongues."In a series of posts published on Aug. Please join us the week of November 12th-16th as we celebrate our grand opening, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and worship service.Please join Bishop Clarence Langston and Pastor Robyn Langston for a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening worship service.Long, who led the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, died in a cloud of controversy after "a gallant private fight with an aggressive form of cancer" on Jan. The controversy stemmed from Long's refusal to publicly address a cloud of allegations in lawsuits filed by multiple men in 2010 who claimed he engaged them in sexual acts while they were teenage members of his church.

Bynum said even though she did not know Long well when the allegations first surfaced, she defended him in her congregation at the time and suffered for it."When everything hit the press about Bishop Long, I stood up in my church the first Sunday. You could kill 20 people, I'ma still come and see you in jail," she explained.Many of her songs are sung by several churches and people all over the world.

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