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13-Aug-2016 13:19

Given the seeming contradictions, I asked the team’s head coach, Fred Hoiberg, about the rationale.

In answering, he defended both the decision and the player.

The forehead, high and smooth, tapers down to a long chin. “I’m a poet.” but in some ways absolutely apt response to a question that has evaded the understanding of even those who know Rondo and count themselves among his biggest admirers and best friends: Who is he, really?

His head is small—at least for his broad shoulders and preternaturally long arms and ball-mauling hands. The question is particularly pertinent to Bulls fans still reeling from a Game of Thrones off-season that saw the departure of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, two core members of a team that, until last season, had seemed ascendant.

Some of his run-ins came against a player who is now his teammate: Dwyane Wade.

The two first scuffled in the 2011 Eastern Conference championship, an altercation that left Rondo with a dislocated elbow.

Suddenly, having not so much appeared as materialized, Rajon Rondo is beside me. Still, it was a pretty neat trick, the kind of magician’s stealth, I imagine, that has made the Bulls’ new point guard one of the deftest passers and craftiest thieves in NBA history.

“What a fucking joke,” one wag (“your friendly Bulls Blogger”) added in a post for SB Nation.At the moment, though, having lanked over to a set of bleachers along the facility’s west wall and leaned his elbows up on one of the slats, legs splayed before him on the gleaming wood floor, Rondo, 30, lolls with an almost Zen-like calm.

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