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30-Jun-2017 01:53

I’ve been accused of victim-shaming when I tell people not to take pictures of themselves naked. I just feel utterly helpless when private pictures are published because everybody is a celebrity in the digital age and reputation management is crucial; and the internet doesn’t forget, ever.” Another expert, Lizzie Harrison, said while it was silly of the woman to post the picture of her private parts, she had every right to pursue legal action.She said, however, that there had not been enough cases of this nature in the country for them to speculate on the likely outcome of civil cases but the seriousness of these offences was increasingly understood in the courts.He was arrested two weeks ago after the father of the teenage girl became suspicious of him and discovered explicit pictures as well as texts on her phone. Facebook has failed to stop legal action over a picture of a naked 14-year-old girl that was posted on its site.The girl’s parents said they were “disappointed” they had been excluded from the court proceedings.The father was forced to approach the prosecutor after the bail hearing to ask why they had not been allowed to sit in on the application. It’s unbelievable that we as parents who brought the charges against him had to sit outside the courtroom.However there were joyous celebrations outside Court 9 after the alleged sex pest teacher was granted bail.The teacher’s supporters‚ most of them congregants of the church he attends‚ broke into applause when they learnt he had been granted bail.

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The teacher who appeared dishevelled beat a hasty retreat with his supporters in tow.

A Durban father whose teenage daughter allegedly received nude images and sexually suggestive messages from her school teacher was left fuming and disappointed when he was excluded from a bail application for the man in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The teacher – accused of sending nude images and sexually suggestive messages to a 14-year-old pupil – was granted bail of R6‚000. The suspended educator is facing criminal charges relating to sexual grooming of a minor and child pornography.

The girl is taking legal action against Facebook as well as against the man who posted the photo.

The case is thought to be the first in the world and could set a major precedent about whether social media sites are liable for what is posted on them.

The North West case has particularly angered social media law experts such as Emma Sadleir, who also authored the book, Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex.

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