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These are some of Solomon’s features that his wife called to her mind and praised (see Song of Solomon -16): He was strong in authority.

A king’s position was often revealed by the side jeweled bands of gold that he wore on each arm, a sign of his strength in leadership over a nation, people, or empire. He was a “manly man” to his wife, strong in leadership and authority in their relationship. I have counseled women who have come to me with bruises on their arms and faces.

It has impacted millions, both married and single, and it challenged and encouraged thousands of pastors to preach on this book of scripture that had been basically censored for 2000 years.

I would almost bet, that any preacher who has preached on it since 1995 has used Tommy’s teaching, either by the video or audio, or The Book of Romance by Thomas Nelson as a reference guide.

You see, the very first time I heard Song of Solomon was January of 1994 and I was leading a bible study called Metro Bible Study in Dallas at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

We were expecting about 600 people that first Monday night and before you knew it there were 900 and within the 6 weeks to the final lesson we were passed fire code at 2000 plus.

For both singles and married couples, this exegetical study follows Solomon’s relationship from attraction to dating and courtship, marriage and intimacy, to resolving conflict, keeping romance alive, and committing to the end.In the light of her newly awakened awareness of all the good qualities in her husband, she had a strong desire to be the wife he longed to have. And in the wake of compassion, she feels a desire for renewed intimacy and closeness of communication.The woman is a fine example of what God does in transforming a person’s attitude. She begins to see the good that has escaped her before. The next time you are working through conflict with your spouse, change the way you view your spouse and see how that changes things. You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.Solomon exerted spiritual leadership in their home.

He as like a strong rock, a marble statue that could not be moved readily. Solomon’s character was established on eternal things of utmost value.

Make your plans now – whatever God lays on your heart and mind to do. For every order of SOS for Students that you purchase now through July 21st you will be entered to win an i Phone 4. Our newly remastered edition of Song of Solomon for Students is a MUST HAVE Bible Study Curriculum for parents and youth pastors. Standard rules for using i Phone apply, such as ATT phone service, which is not provided by The Hub. After a conflict, when your mind and perspective are right regarding your spouse, go and seek them out to make things right. You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here. Congrats and thanks to all for your prayers and suggestions.