Marisa tomei and dating

21-Jul-2016 14:02

Logan could have married Marisa and become her future darling husband.But, their engagement could not last long as they broke up in 2012 for some unknown reason.As for the reason behind the lawsuit, the Tomeis claim they have been trying to get in touch with Lennon for a year to no avail.

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The parents of Marissa Tomei are putting back the pieces of their broken home after winning their two-year court battle against the son of John Lennon.A judge ordered that Lennon must cut down the tree immediately, and it has now been done.Photos taken by Daily show that the Tomeis have also now begun rebuilding their stoop, which they claimed was damaged by Lennon.In 2009, Marisa told Manhattan Magazine that she is not a big fan of marriage as an institution and she does not like the idea of having children just to be a complete human being.

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But to our surprise, when Logan proposed her over a holiday, Marisa accepted it.New look: Gary and Addie Tomei filed a lawsuit and complaint against Lennon in 2015 after he failed to respond to their requests to remove the tree (Tomei house is center, pictured this week, and Lennon's house is right)In their February 2015 court filing, the couple stated that Lennon was 'arrogantly' demanding the Tomeis change the entrance to their house so that he did not have to cut down the Ailanthus tree.