Mark wahlberg and alyssa milano dating

10-Sep-2017 17:20

They begin dating and he wins over the rest of the family, except for Steve who begins to have a bad gut reaction to the guy.Soon that's realized as David shows that he'll do anything for Nicole, including beating up Gary (TODD CALDECOTT), a good friend of hers, who David believes is interested in her.She also dates David somewhat to rebel against her father, and has him sleep over while her parents are away.This movie isn't much more than your run of the mill, "Fatal Attraction" type flick where a spurned lover stalks his/her former flame and finally attacks at the end (to prove their love for the former).Milano plays Margo, a self-destructive, out-of-control teen who gets on the bad side of her best friend's psychotic boyfriend. A: You know, I kind of took the roles that came along, and I wasn't really thinking about what effect it would have on my image. A: Had it been anyone else, it wouldn't have been a big deal. You get burned a lot in this business, and it's important to try and learn from those experiences.

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Q: Since you used to write the "From Alyssa with Love" advice column in "Teen Machine," what advice would you give Margo?

Certain people have to have to learn things the hard way, and she's one of those people, I think. A: He's one of those guys who I would have fallen for in a second because he has a dark and rebellious thing that I went for when I was, like, 18. I've learned that those are the kind of guys who can really break your heart. I mean, we were together from when I was 11 till 19, and he used to be really overprotective, but now that's changing to a kind of a mutual respect, more of an adult kind of thing.