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04-Feb-2017 05:40

At first we kept up a cold front with one another, but it didn’t take long for us both to break down in tears.

We talked about everything that had gone wrong, and about what we’d learnt since.

My head was all over the place because of my mum’s death and, as an only child, I felt a huge responsibility for my dad.

Although Anna and I got on well, I wasn’t sure I could commit long term. It didn’t help that we had a long-distance relationship, with Anna in London and me in Leeds.

When we met on a skiing holiday with mutual friends three years ago, I thought, ‘He’s a good-looking guy,’ and the conversation between us flowed.

In fact, we spent last Christmas together with my family and his dad.Maybe this was the relationship I shouldn’t have walked away from.I’d been missing Dave terribly when we bumped into each other at a seminar the following September.I was heartbroken and blamed everything on Dave, but I had to admit my part in it, too.

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I realised I followed a pattern in life, walking away from every relationship at some point.

I realised that I had traditional ideas about being the breadwinner – the fact that I’d not been earning much because my business was new left me worrying that I didn’t deserve Anna. I remember looking at attractive women and feeling nothing.