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DRG would thus be an ideal candidate to issue the Kern and De Sylva albums, too.Title: [Various Artists] Somebody Loves Me: The Beloved Songs Of Buddy De Sylva (Criterion Series)Artist: Capitol's roster Format: 78-rpm album Label: CAPITOL Cat. Year: 1947 Volumes: 4 Peggy Lee (ldr), Lee Gillette (pdr), Henry J.A fun day on autism and employment for adults (ages 16 ) with ASD their parents/guardians.The event features keynote speaker Michael Mc Creary Aspie Comic.The two previous album releases had been Songs By Johnny Mercer (A-1, featuring Mercer with The Pied Pipers as well as Jo Stafford) and Christmas Carols, (A-2, by the St.

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The 78-rpm discs in the album were numbered 10072, 10073, 10074, and 10075.Featured articles are considered to be the best articles Wikipedia has to offer, as determined by Wikipedia's editors.