Modern fascism liquidating the judeo christian worldview Thai free english old women sex video chat

03-Mar-2017 08:56

It is the worldview of Margaret Sanger and John Dewey. Dobson specifically mentions the universities, news media, entertainment industry, judiciary, federal bureaucracy, public schools and Congress.

It is the worldview of thousands and thousands of professors and teachers and entertainers and professional organizations. “The [secular] humanistic system of values has now become the predominant way of thinking in most of the power centers of society,”‘ says James C. Elsewhere Dobson and Bauer state, “Professors, whose salaries are paid by the taxes and tuition subsidies of millions of hard-working Americans, ridicule capitalism, attack family values, and rewrite American history, so that if it is taught at all, America is always the villain.” If this continues into the next century one can expect the same results — death and destruction.

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And indeed it has, but a plague of Power, not germs.” And this figure does not include the slaughter of the innocent (abortion) — a foundation stone of the Secular Humanist worldview. The ideas that moved across and out of the 19th century were fleshed out in the 20th century and the results are obvious for all to see — death, destruction, devastation, heartache, misery — all words and nuances that portray a century ripe for a judgement grade.

These millions died, not because of James Orr’s Christian worldview. As we begin the 21st century we have yet to admit a deep, dark secret — the ideas that brought us a century of terror and slaughter are still being taught in our public institutions of higher education.

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Not surprising the worldviews of destruction in the 20th century spoke to these areas with ideas but they were ideas responsible for the death of millions.It is also taught at the high school level with absolutely no competition since the U. Supreme ruled that creationism is unconstitutional and cannot be taught.