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"During the singing that was when the men selected the victims for sex," the court noted.

One basic thing associated with human trafficking is that the victim's fundamental human rights are abused through enforced labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, illegal adoption, and other such ills., Executive Director of the Social Research Associates, said the Kumasi Metropolis had become the destination for most of the children trafficked from the Upper West, Upper East, Northern regions and other parts the country.

Boys frequently get stuck in nets at the bottom of the lake.

They are not being held against their will, but as a child they have no consent.

Trafficking was both internal and international, with the majority of trafficking in the country involving children from impoverished rural backgrounds.

The most common forms of internal trafficking involved boys from the Northern Region going to work in the fishing communities along the to work as domestic helpers, porters, and assistants to local traders.

Girls, often under the age of 10, are brought to the priest, ritually stripped of all their possessions, including clothes, and told they have to do anything the priest tells them.In 1997, it was estimated that approximately five thousand young girls and women were being kept in 345 shrines in the southeastern part of Summing up its judgment, the court noted that the prosecution had been able to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.