Ms abigails guide to dating mating and marriage

21-Sep-2017 15:13

Plus, she has walked the walk; for twenty-five years she had a perfect marriage, then her husband passed away.Miss Abigail directs her first tid-bit of priceless advice to the audience: “Ask The Looking Glass.” Remember it is important to look your best and maintain your personal hygiene!During his always entertaining curtain speech on opening night, Mr.Mc Murray described the off-Broadway smash that starred Eve Plumb then Joyce Dewitt as “Dear Abby meets Dr.Berlin, CT - Connecticut Cabaret Theatre is one of the first east coast venues to present ‘Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage,’ a comedy by Ken Davenport and Sara Saltzberg.Kris Mc Murray is the owner and artistic director of this cabaret theatre in Berlin that is marking their 20th year of entertainment in July and he both produced and directed this cute show.

When Miss Abigail’s theme song began to play, the relationship expert (played by Julie Lemos) took to the stage to share her “vast knowledge of every piece of relationship literature known to mankind.” There is an (outdated) book for every topic that comes up and the strapping young Paco is ready to provide whatever help Miss Abigail might need.

The helpful ushers told everyone as they were seated that intermission would be held before the show, moving the curtain time to pm; in truth, it was almost pm and the show ran a bit later than expected.