Muslim polygamy websites dating modern dating etiquette for women

05-Aug-2016 03:33

The report largely blames the “tolerance” of “regressive” cultures for segregation and said that pressure should be put on migrants to integrate.

“The practice of unregistered polygamy appears to be more commonplace than might be expected,” Dame Louise said.

None of these relationships are legal marriages.” The site also reportedly offers half-price membership specials for practicing Muslims, although the practice of polygamy is not condoned.

Unapologetic about his own desire for multiple wives, he told his own wife early on in their marriage, which was arranged by his family, that she would not be the only one. Chaiwala admitted that none of his family wanted to help saying “there was a taboo about the subject”, reports Chaiwala’s Sharia marriage websites were directly cited in the review on social integration by cohesion advisor Dame Louise Casey on how foreign cultural practices contrary to British values are being tolerated.

OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, for instance, have options for mentioning you’re in a marriage and looking for something more, but that’s not a selling point for either site.

A sizeable proportion of these ‘marriages’ are thought to be polygynous (specifically where a man has multiple wives).This site is targetting Muslims who are seeking an Islamic Nikah.

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