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13-Dec-2016 20:59

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I can identify with Pakistani culture as well as the culture and traditions of the religion I was raised in but; I do enjoy a good whiskey, used to smoke like a chimney, I collect really rubbish songs on vinyl like Bruce Willis’ timeless classic “Respect Yourself”, I love to knit, I make a killer steak and kidney pie and, like many other women in the UK, karaoke bars are also my secret shame.You may say that I am as western as they come but I am still so proud of my heritage and the culture and tradition my parents brought me up in.

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Exposure to such strong female role models and, more notably, my own fiercely intelligent and academically accomplished mother, charged me with the most profound yearning to have a more deliberate hand in my future.

The day I came to realise that there is no precedent for this, I started to relax a lot more about it.

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