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Ptarmigan The ptarmigan is a little bird found in the Arctic who relies on camouflage to get by in life.For this reason, it’s feathers change throughout the year. White-Tailed Jackrabbit When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, winter white is a must for this North American hare.(Sources: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, ARKive) 2.Toute une panoplie de talents retrouver auprès d’une jeune fille gaie et pleine de joie de vivre.Elle décida donc de miser sur le chant et ainsi se mettait à interpréter sous forme de karaoké dans les bars, les restaurants et boites de nuit.While this deer might look drab in the winter, the new coat is extremely functional.

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Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Samoyeds are amongst the breeds who have double coats. Cardinals Cardinals are amongst the groups of birds that don’t head south for winter. For cardinals, staying warm doesn’t mean getting new coats. As the temperatures drop, cardinals “puff up”– as the Audubon Magazine describes it– so that they can keep warm.Winter can be brutal and some animals need an extra layer of protection. Found throughout the Americas, this deer has an auburn coat most of the year.When winter comes, though, their fur turns into a more ordinary shade of brown or gray.Cold-climate creatures need to adapt as the temperatures drop if they want to survive the season. Other times, it’s to keep them hidden in the snow when predators are on the hunt. White-tailed jackrabbits are prey for a number of animals, foxes and hawks amongst them.

Frequently, the animals will add layers; an undercoat of fur can make all the difference in the biting cold. For the jackrabbits that live in places like Minnesota, where snow is common, these long-eared animals need to be able to blend into their surroundings. Once the weather warms up again, the white-tailed jackrabbit will return to its thinner brown coat.

Despite being a small animal, they can, and often do, go after larger prey, like rabbits.

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