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The subject line read: "Presumed conspiratorial activity by Palestinian terrorists." The telex discussed Willi Pohl and his relationship with Mohammed Daoud, whose nom de guerre was Abu Daoud, the mastermind of the Munich attack.

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The police quickly learned that a man named Saad Walli was staying at the hotel. In the now-released documents, there is no indication that the state offices of criminal investigation, the BKA or the Bf V, which had all been notified by the Dortmund police, did anything to find the suspicious Walli.The 28-year-old, also a displaced ethnic German from East Prussia, was considered a pro.Today Pohl is almost certain that he was unknowingly involved in the preparations for the Olympic attack.But according to the released documents, such statements must now be treated as myths.

Black September didn't need any German logistic assistance.27, 1972 were armed like soldiers on their way to the front.

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