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These days, royal barges in grand processions down the river are also handled by men in the naval forces.

[Source: Thailand Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department] Long-boat races are major events held to celebrate high water in several riverside provinces.

[Source: Richard Barrow, October 18, 2008, *] “Buffalo racing is not really like a day at the horse races.

It takes a long time to prepare them for the start of each race.

Kite flying is so popular that the playful vernacular term : “The term compares male masturbation to the hand action of flying a kite, a popular Thai pastime. Held for almost 100 years, it has been around about as long the Henley Regatta in England.

An even more euphemistic term for male masturbation is pai sa-naam luang, which means “to go to the grand field,” referring to the very popular park area near the royal palace in Bangkok where people fly kites. The races are held over two days on a 650 meter course on the Nan River in 20-meter-log teak dugout boat rowed by teams of 30 or so men and occasionally women who are follow orders. The vent is a festive affair with pretty girls, feasting and cheering cords According to the Thai government: “Long-boat races are a reflection of the Thai people’s way of life connected to and dependant on the waterways.

It has bamboo slats tied on to its string which are used to entangle the tail of the pakpao. They are about half the size of the chula and are much faster and maneuverable.Most people used umbrellas.” * Takraw—a sport played with a rattan ball—is enjoyed by both children and adults.Described as “volleyball for the feet, “ the game is easily set up, as little space is required.Kite fighting is popular in Thailand and is even a league sport. The All-Thailand championships, held in Bangkok, is a major sporting event. There are two kinds of kite-fighting kites: the large star-shaped , or female kite.

The kite-fighting season last from February to June.

There were also the usual fairground rides for the kids and of course plenty of food to eat.

Przyjęła w tym celu, podczas nagrywania, bardziej buntowniczy wygląd, ścinając swoje włosy i farbując je na czarno.… continue reading »

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Regardless of this reality, however, we only decide to talk about it when someone important does something stupid. While these scandals primarily come from situations where what-NOT-to-do should be obvious, what about situations where there is actual ambiguity - like, dating?… continue reading »

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Try to include pictures of yourself or at least part of your body, pictures always go a long way on any dating site.… continue reading »

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One [channel] sounds kind of like a "bright" channel and one sounds regular Two 6CA7/EL34 power tubes, three or four 12ax7s, solid state rectifier; hand wired, very high quality work, simple easy-to-modify circuit; larger [than the ones used in the Bass-Master YBA-1] 50-watt Hammond transformer (7 lbs.); Often operated with 4 ohm loads; best used with an eight ohms cab Runs on 540 volts, weights 54 pounds - bigger transformers [than the YBA-1] Dimensions: 8"x18"x10" (HWD); weight: 40 lbs.? (source: Catalog) Early [Bass-Master] Mark IIs have the (noisy) fan mounted on the end [in the cabinet side], later [Bass-Master] Mark IIs (with lift-off top, and the reflector 'Traynor' logo) have it mounted in the back [center]; Silvery grey grille cloth; Can exceed 600 volts on plate; expect about 550 volts, if you're lucky (one has eported 537 volts on plate) Early models are identical in appearance to the Voice Master/Signature.… continue reading »

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Americans on the other hand, love to show their confidence 1. He/she initiate first moves For European, they will quickly initiate their first move and after that they like to throw in some challenges to make the chase fun For Americans, they usually take things slow when making first moves 2. He/she says i love you I love you is a universal sign. Meanwhile, Americans say it slowly and when they really mean also say some Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush The difference between dating in Europe and america are unique. … continue reading »

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