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16-Sep-2017 21:55

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And of course, there are the demographic shifts outlined by Birger that have hit heterosexual, college-educated women seeking a partner particularly hard.

When asked if they thought this feature would create an overpopulation of women vying for a smaller pool of men, Hobley commented “we’re not worried about that.” However, with all of the obstacles in the pursuit of love and relationships, and the demographic realities, it is quite possible that by implementing their #IStand With PP feature, OKCupid may be creating yet another barrier to the opportunities their users have to meet the kind, relationship-oriented people they purport to want to date.

Birger’s research shows that in general, “educational intermarriage is less common today than at any point over the past half-century.” This applies to both genders, but it’s a poorly-kept secret that women who date less educated men face different challenges navigating how they sell their “mixed-collar” relationships to the outside world—and themselves.

The first time I recall this being consecrated in pop culture was nearly 20 years ago on Though nearly two decades have passed since Miranda and Charlotte’s exchange, there have been countless think pieces on the issue, proving that it hasn’t gone away, and that women continue to feel pressure to pursue partners of equal, or greater, educational attainment.

Virtue-signaling across more traditional social media is nothing new; over the past several years, we’ve seen a wide range of badges pop up on the profile photos of friends and acquaintances—commemorating 9/11, expressing solidarity with victims of terrorist attacks, or promoting the fight against breast cancer, to name a few.

But OKCupid’s new feature goes beyond fundraising for the organization and giving users a digital bumper sticker.

Supporters of same-sex marriage were 85% more likely to find “success,” and those who felt obliged to help their fellow humans were 72% more likely to meet someone and delete their profiles.

Virtue-signaling across more traditional social media is nothing new, but OKCupid’s new feature goes beyond fundraising for the organization and giving users a digital bumper sticker.

The company analyzed the profiles of women who deleted their accounts because they met someone on the site.They found that “being someone who’s bothered by typos” increased the chances of a woman finding a relationship and leaving OKCupid by 36%.

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