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In some ways, this book reminded me of Nickel and Dimed, though Bruder never conceals her true purpose as a reporter and acknowledges that her forays into working at a sugar beet processing plant and an Amazon warehouse are not really representative of doing the job full time.Her sardonic quotations of incongruously cheerful employer propaganda (and close call with employer drug testing) are very Ehrenreich-esque.The female lead could be one of Thomas Perry's (especially because of her skip trace experience) or a Claire De Witt--I can think of more female PI characters like Alice Vega than ones that aren't like her.I liked the relationship between her and the ex-cop but it didn't feel new.Some of the training tips that apply to my own situations are rather obvious.(When you use the scratching post in my house, you get treats!

Turning penury into an adventure, they set off on the road and find a blooming community of like-minded agemates who trade tips and leads. Bruder buys her own van and participates in an annual gathering of the nomads, where she meets some of the key figures whom she profiles in the book, showing how they ended up where they are and what their modus operandi now is.

I'm afraid that you could stop reading this about two-thirds of the way through and have gotten pretty much all the meat out of it.

Quinones also introduces people in a very quick-sketch newspaper-reporter style that sounds right if you're profiling a man who ate fifty hot dogs at a ballgame but was somewhat annoying in the context of a book.

Avoid if you don't like to read about children in peril. This book was all right, but it focused mostly on training your cat to do things, whereas I am primarily interested in training them not to do things (e.g.

climb the screen of the back door, climb the shower curtain, climb my leg while I am preparing their food, jump on the table during dinner, gnaw on each other, etc.).

It doesn't talk much about the heroin trade and adds information about the Sackler family and how their wealth comes from Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

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