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But he's upset that we've been together and he almost died because we were together undercover, and so why would I leave now when it's not such a big deal?You see us work that out in the beginning episodes."Is Andy's career important to her?Rookie Blue cast list, including photos of the actors when available.This list includes all of the Rookie Blue main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.In tonight’s brand-new episode, “Letting Go,” Nick’s past comes roaring back when his estranged older brother Finn (guest star Peter Stebbings) emerges with new intel regarding a man who may be responsible for their parents’ deaths in a car accident. “There’s a little crack that happens at the beginning of the episode and then everything comes rushing out.”WATCH: 'Rookie Blue' Star Missy Peregrym Dishes on Exciting Season 6! It’s the one where the audience will find out everything about his past,” actor Peter Mooney tells ETonline of Nick’s journey.But what does this mean for Sam and Andy's relationship, and what else will hit Andy during season three? So that's why I leave, because if Sam and I are together, we're going to lose our jobs."So is that what happens in the bit we haven't seen yet?

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Instead of it coming out piecemeal or bit by bit, they have a full assessment of really who the other person is and then they have to decide, “Do I still want to be with them?” Mooney: I think for Nick this really challenges his relationship to his job and challenges how he relates to being a police officer and what that means to him and what justice means to him and where his allegiances are. There’s going to be a rebuilding period after [this episode].The foundation that he relies on, that all the rookies rely on, their comfort in 15 Division as home base, as a consistent place they can return to is going to be really challenged when they start to find out that maybe it isn’t as straightforward a place they think it is.ETonline: What’s intriguing about the possible repercussions of this episode is that when Nick was first introduced several seasons ago, he was seemingly the perfect guy – he had no cracks.

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But there is a darkness to him that maybe we weren’t privy to in the beginning. You see him challenged in this episode and with all the opportunities to make the perfect, flawless, right decisions but he’s human and this is the episode where those decisions get pushed the most and he’s challenged.

I'm obviously very excited to come back to work to see a new rookie there.

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