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14-Jan-2017 05:05

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Him stopping his hunting altogether is probably the only way you could get peace of mind, and he's said he's not willing to stop and you've said you're not willing to leave him.So unless he has a huge change of mind in the near future, I think you have only one choice - let the relationship take it's natural course. I just don't find hunting more offensive than being an omnivore, and I've always dated omnivores (of course I'd love to date a veg*n, but they're in low supply here).Hunters at least understand where meat comes from and they confront it head-on. I have no ideas for compromises in this situation because I can't imagine one that would go anywhere near alleviating how you said you feel in paragraph two.If he hunted a lot less, the thought that he is still doing it at all is going to continue to torment you.I decided to go vegetarian when I walked into their garage and there was a deer carcass hanging from the ceiling, and, though I was already sensitive about animals and meat-eating, I think the sight of it was the reality-check I needed to push me that extra inch toward vegetarianism.

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I would never ever hunt and I think it's absolutely wrong. However, I think many hunters are actually closer to veganism than most of the general public. What would be fair for me to ask and what would be pushing it too much?Even if you don't bring up hunting directly, "I have trouble being open and intimate with him for a while afterward" is a real problem in your relationship and worth addressing one way or the other. Because if he experiences you as just laying a moral judgment over him, he'll get overly defensive and probably categorize it as an excess of your veg*nism, and will spend more time defending his way of life than on thinking about what you should do about the conflict in your relationship.I don't think I could say it any better than sevenseas.You will be able to send and receive email, chat, post in the forums, blog…

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basically you can do whatever you want, provided you play nice and obey the Terms of Service.)Oh, and this site is just one of over 260 sites in Passions Network. ) If you’re new to Vegetarian Passions, please review the rules for New Chat Visitors.Chat will not work for members who have not added this site into their account.

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