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American Express, for example, built its pre-retirement base by sponsoring seminars on fraudulent telemarketing.Promotional events were low-key, but those attending knew the sponsor cared enough to help them protect their money6. No matter how young they may feel and act, diminished vision is a fact of life for most people over the age of 50.And when you do, they're most often ding-a-lings, duffers or bores. Seems that no one under 55 watches the news anymore. Watch "Frasier's" Martin Crane, permanently planted in his Barcalounger squatting in front of a television with his jumping dog, Eddie, by his side. When it comes to seniors, advertisers still buy time on programs that casts our age group as drooling dumbbells. Specifically, it's the advertising agency's 20-something media buyers who are at fault. According to a Baruch College-Harris Poll commissioned by Business Week Magazine, the 50 plus age group is most likely to buy online, 42% of those 65 and over have purchased something online, followed closely by the 50-to-64-year-olds, 39% of whom have made an on-line purchase. Remember the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial for an emergency communication device?Consumers 18 - to 49-years-old are whom most advertisers want to reach. With just us geezers watching, TV news brings with it reminders of our false teeth, arthritis, and incontinence problems. On "Everybody Loves Raymond," Marie Barone is overbearing and meddling; husband Frank is long-suffering. As series star Doris Roberts, 71, says of the entertainment industry during testimony at a September 2002 Senate Committee, "They frequently show seniors in insulting and degrading ways, either mean or incompetent."It's not that advertisers and TV producers want to insult us. While we as a nation see more gray every day — a boomer turns 50 every eight seconds, with 77 million approaching retirement age — advertisers believe the viewing world is forever young. They know not, and actually think it's humorous to stereotype a senior as a know-nothing goof. Even when they actually want to reach us, advertisers biggest blunder is thinking that old people are old. That spot almost killed that entire product category. I trust you guys and gals will learn all this soon -- before you go on wasting millions of advertising dollars. Consumers 45 and over are just as likely as younger consumers to experiment with or switch brands, according to a study by AARP and Roper ASW.Promotional giveaways: These can be cost-effective due to long shelf-life.Promotional key-chains, calendars, and refrigerator magnets lead the way. In the same way that every automobile isn't a Ford, every member of the mature market isn't a "senior." Those over 50 are part of a multi-segmented group, each segment having its own wants and needs.NOTE: Suddenly Senior's Frank Kaiser has spent 40 years selling millions of dollars worth of soap, cereals, services and most everything else to consumers around the world.Here, he offers free advice on how today's seniors -- a group having more money than God Himself -- feel about TV and advertising.

The nation's largest providers of senior services rely heavily on direct mail campaigns.

Use photography and art that reflect the lifestyle of the group to whom you are speaking.7. Scare tactics and discouraging news about aging won't motivate this group to act or buy.

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