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Length: 5k to 8k is acceptable, must be story not one-shot or miniseries.4.- X-men/X-men: Evo Main character: New X-men (Surge, Hellion, Mercury, Dust, Anole, Elixir, Rockslide, Pixie, Prodigy and X-23.) and Evo cast.Vincent must see meet the other heroes villains of the Marvel verse.It must be before CW, and during the event and after he will not register yet also not be a part of the resistance yet be willing to help them should they be in any danger.

I get Sailor Moon, i get Twilight, but when that happens in a series it shouldn't you are only asking for trouble, they already came down on us with the lemons do not add more fuel the fire.Their presence is felt by both Magneto and Xavier and both race to reach them before the other.Additional conditions: Hellion must not lose his hands to Nimrod’s attack.Story type: Crossover Acceptable Pairings: Cannon pairings are acceptable, however mix matched between the 616 crew and the Evo crew is encouraged (Example Hellion and Evo version of Emma Frost, yes I know it’s crazy but hey, the whole challenge is that way.).

Story plot: During the clash between Hope and Bastion a tear in space in time is opened and the New X-men are caught in its wake, they arrive in Evo verse New York, where they discover they do not exist in this reality and must now find a way to survive in a world so much like their own yet with stark differences.

The murderchanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. He then told me "I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me.

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I’m really excited to have all the classic Sappy artists together: Michael Feuerstack (ex-Snailhouse), Julie Doiron, Shotgun & Jaybird. There’s also some amazing bands that are pretty fresh and haven’t played the festival yet like Ought, Freelove Fenner, and Dusted. I’m in the office by 9 responding to emails and making sure all the day to day stuff is running smoothly.… continue reading »

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In 1968, competitors sued to keep Herb Kelleher's new airline grounded.… continue reading »

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