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This murder sparked the gang war, and the Monk himself survived an assassination attempt in Lanzarote on New Year's Eve last year when he left a pub shortly before gunmen entered the premises.The Regency Hotel shooting further ignited the feud, leading to a spate of retaliation killings by the Kinahan cartel.Gardaí say the sharp rise in the wage bill was a result of their tackling the murderous fall-out from the Kinahan-Hutch feud.Figures from the force show that the combined overtime bill for the Dublin North Central and South Central Metropolitan divisions last year increased by €6.65million to €20million.Subscribe to VRtually There on You Tube, browse the “Virtual Reality” section of the USA TODAY app (i OS | Android), or download our VR Stories Daydream app to catch three new episodes every week.A machinegun gang murdered a 'completely innocent' mother of six and her friend during a botched hit on a notorious Dublin criminal who was holding his baby when they opened fire and jumped a wall to escape.

'Bottler' Devoy has spent eight years in prison for armed robberies and shooting at two neighbours and was considered one of Ireland's most dangerous prisoners until his release in 2015.The bats collectively consume over 140 tons of insects each night, providing a service to farmers nearby.They return to the cave before sunrise while it’s still dark.Half of the pups won’t make it to their second birthday.

Around August and September, the young start joining their mothers for hunts outside the cave.

The juveniles spread their wings for the first time when they are around a month old.