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The chapter on sex, complete with ugly diagrams of the male and female genitals, is probably wedged in between a chapter on budgets and life insurance.

The message is that if your marriage fails, you have been weighed in the domestic balance and found wanting.

Here we have a painful paradox, for I submit that total exposure is probably always mutually destructive in the long run.

What starts out as a tender coming together to share one's whole person is transmuted by too much togetherness into attack and counterattack, doubt, disillusionment, and ambivalence.

And they rush into it, in increasing numbers, without any clear idea of the reality that underlies the myth.

Parents, teachers, and concerned adults all counsel against premature marriage.

sexlessdating com-29

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The truth as I see it is that contemporary marriage is a wretched institution.It is an institution that evolved over centuries to meet some very specific functional needs of a nonindustrial society.