Sirius radio updating channels

16-Feb-2017 06:26

Does anyone have any advice on what they have done to improve the situation?

You can go into Controls and delete every setting/profiles/etc. For Favorites, press and hold any one for about 5 seconds and a "x" will appear on all favorites. Overall, I feel this is a bit of an interface issue.

I've searched each category but cannot find either of these channels.

I'd love to simply be able to do a direct search for a channel. If not, is there a way to update/refresh the list of the channels?

My MS is brand new, delivery on 29th, so I'm sure that something is bugged in this release for new subscribers. To display the genres/stations list, I've found it's easiest to do when the media player is in full screen mode, and you then may have to scroll the list to find the station/genre list.

The media player has similar issues with USB - especially because the player forgets what USB song is playing every time you change the media source (or sometimes when the car resumes from sleep mode), I have to bring up the USB song list periodically - and then try to remember what song was playing last.

It's not perfect, but I am actually looking for solutions, not complaints (sure will get those anyway). Unfortunately, with the 8.0 release, the station slider was removed.