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The Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade is dedicated to him, built where the Ottomans burnt his remains in 1594 during an uprising in which the Serbs used icons of Sava as their war flags; the church is one of the largest church buildings in the world. As the youngest son of Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja and Ana, he was part of the first generation of the Nemanjić dynasty, alongside his brothers Vukan and Stefan.

At the Serbian court the brothers received a good education When Sava guested the Byzantine Emperor at Constantinople, he mentioned the neglected and abandoned Hilandar, and asked him that he and his father be given the permit to restore the monastery and grant it to Vatopedi.

And he consecrated them and made them bishops" (Domentijan). The following bishoprics were under his administration: Zeta (Zetska), seated at Monastery of Holy Archangel Michael in Prevlaka near Kotor; Hum (Humska), seated at Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Ston; Dabar-Bosna, seated at Monastery of St.

Nicholas on the Lim; Moravica, seated at Monastery of St.

The organizational work of Sava was very energetic, and above all, the new organization was given a clear national character.

The Greek bishop at Prizren was replaced by a Serbian, his disciple.

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From Hilandar, Sava travelled to Thessaloniki, to the monastery of Philokalos, where he stayed for some time as a guest of the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Constantine the Mesopotamian, with whom he was a great friend ever since his youth.The Archbishopric was seated in Žiča, the new endowment of King Stefan, further north of Ras (the capital) and Studenica, and not far from the Hungarian borders.