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Each of those arguments are then converted to strings, who are in turn combined into one string, according to the format-string.

@vitaut While it is terribly resource consuming when compared to the alternatives. Considering it only takes a few micro seconds and most projects probably only use it a few dozen times, it is not noticeable in a project that doesn't focus heavily on string formatting, right?

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It fails silently and returns pointers to random memory.

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b) { s.resize(size); va_start(marker, fmt); n = vsnprintf((char*)s.c_str(), size, fmt.c_str(), marker); va_end(marker); if ((n [previous answer] A very late answer, but for those who, like me, do like the 'sprintf'-way: I've written and are using the following functions.

This means that the desired size is the number of characters plus one, so that the null-terminator will sit after all other characters and that it can be cut off by the string constructor again.

This issue was explained by @alexk7 in the comments.

Thirdly, when I started to learn C , the standard didn't define in what order elements had to be stored inside an @Anh Tuan it's true that is enough, but I want to avoid any possible mistake and don't have a lot of experience with C, so I do it the C way.

There is no significant performance hit in doing it this way and I find it to be a lot safer.' through variadic function; call will abort at runtime [-Wnon-pod-varargs]) in clang 3.9.1, but in CL 19 it compiles fine and crashes at runtime instead.Most Premium App updates are bundled with firmware updates.