Steam always validating tf2

17-Sep-2017 03:12

When verifying integrity of game cache, Steam tries to use Direct I/O (open with O_DIRECT flag), which is not implemented for encryptfs.

steam always validating tf2-1

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Since I'm the only user of this machine I don't feel the need to encrypt the /home folder when I can encrypt the whole disk.

My suggestion was to encrypt the disk and not the /home folder since it's a much more secure solution to privacy and also doesn't cause this bug to happen. I don't get it too :) And Valve probably doesn't care for this thread anymore. It's a shame that it's been almost 8 months and yet they didn't fix this.

On the other hand my suggestion is not to use O_DIRECT, which is deprecated and strongly advised against by the very creator of the system we're all running. Clearly their goal on the desktop market isn't as big as the one on Steam OS, which is based off of Debian and won't have any /home encryption. I'm still hitting this issue on ZFS, because O_DIRECT is not supported.

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Basically if I have a encrypted folder I can download any source game (from what I could see) and after verifiyng the game's cache Steam starts the download again.